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Lameness Diagnostics

at Kent Veterinary Center

Lameness Diagnostics & Treatment Services:

  • PRP/Stem Cell 

  • Acupuncture

  • Shockwave Therapy 

  • Joint Injections

  • Foal Angular Limb Deformities 

"Dr. Tubman has kept our race horses sound & competitive for over 25 years. Including World Champion mare Sanabelle Island (over 1.6 million in earnings), North American Champion trotter Par One, Champion Pacing mare Toy Dragon, and a list of other notable stake winners i.e. Bust Out The Bid, Beagle Beach Boy, Best Effort, Poncho, Wynfield Mark, Dance Hall, Rascan John, Direct Bill, Eternal Optimist, Heavy Thunder, Fox Valley Admiral to name a few.  

In addition Dr. Tubman has successfully bred and foaled our many broodmares. She & her staff provide top notch reliable professional care. Dr. Tubman's facility is always clean and the pastures are kept free of manure with lush grass. 

I would highly recommend their services."

—Timmy Warrington, Dan Warrington, and Steve Warrington

Warrington Racing Stables

Galena, MD

"It's a pleasure to work with Dr Tubman from Kent Veterinary Clinic the last few years. Her knowledge in foaling and Mare reproduction is remarkable. Her veterinary care for race horses is spot-on, in dealing with lameness issues. Her knowledge was a big part in Iron Mine Bucky's Major stake career, including the Hambletonian, Yonkers trot and the list goes on. I'm very picky with my horses, but trust her 100% and highly recommend her to anybody."

— Greg Haverstick

Bridgeville, DE

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