Kent Veterinary Center

Formerly Centerville Equine

410 - 928 - 5700

Kent Veterinary Center offers hospitalization for intensive management of cases. This allows for the close monitoring of your horse's condition and thereby the ability to provide superior medical therapy by adjusting medical treatment as necessary.

Examples of hospitalized cases:

-Medical Colic

-Impaction Colic

-Fluid Therapy

-Laminitis (Founder)


-Complicated Wounds

-Septic Joints


-Corneal Ulcers

Surgeries preformed include:

•Enucleations (removal of the eye)

•Mass removals

•Wound repair

•Foal related problems such as:

    •Umbilical hernias

    •Angular limb deformities

    •Periosteal Transection (“stripping” of foals with crooked legs)

Shockwave Therapy reduced the healing time by weeks and greatly improved the quality of final healing. Horse is currently back to racing.